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Medical device manufacturing software

Medical devops® ERP: Overcoming medical industry barriers

Medical dev market competition is no longer a company vs company competition: it is a supply chain vs supply chain one.

A successful supply chain strategy comes from a global conception of manufacturing, including product development, customer support and new logistics technologies among others.

Medical-devops® is a Medical industry focused ERP that takes account of every single process offering a suite of management solutions adapted to each phase of your project.

Highly scalabe and on-cloud based, Medical-devops® software is easy to integrate with your development, validation and deployment processes so to have the whole control of every project phase.

Helping to identify your organization's requirements for a successful manufacturing risk management is an additional service we offer as a basis of understanding your project.

Medical-devops® ERP is ready to use in stand alone mode (if no integration with your current ERP or other management software is required) and is 100% portable to any of your company locations or even you can get access from your smart phone.

Special attention is payed to cybersecurity. So safe as no local installation is required.

Learn what is and select right now the Medops® modules to start managing all your processes as manufacturer or distributor of medical devices.

medical devices manufacturing software

Manufacturing module
From medical devices manufacturers to distributors, MEDOPS ERP is the scalable software that integrates all your automated manufacturing processes.

Product Trazability module
Control all your supplier process as if the are part of your organization. Supply chain traze of single manufacturing orders, prototyping or mass production batches, to final customers.

Engineering module
The Medical Devices Engineering module connects real time with your current engineering ERP to get all necessary information and update all validated designs from your development team.

Document management module
As part of the new Medical Device Regulation, manufacturer technical documentation and clinical evaluation is to be trazed during med dev design and manufacturing phases. Logistics module
Control your manufacturing ware house, expeditions, imports/exports operations in a easy way.

Financial module
Integration to work with your current financial ERP or just ignore it, saving costs, and set up FINTECH module, a complete system to control all your financial flow. From suppliers to employees payroll, CAPEX/OPEX analysis or tax statement and reports ready to go.

A medical device ERP that grows with your business

Starting from the manufacturing module, We offer an accurated adapted solution to your needs.

Based on the your company size and operations volume we customize the software tooling so you get what you need, nothing more but nothing less but always ready to change, following market changes.

Simple billing system

Our basic Medical-devops® suite starts with the manufacturing module and you can add more functionalities depending on your project phase or company or product life cycle.