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Healthcare Increasingly Embracing DevOps

devops process in medical devices software development

Healthcare organizations are increasingly embracing DevOps.
According to the study from Redgate Software, the “2020 Database DevOps Report for the Healthcare Sector,” 70% of respondents have adopted DevOps across all or some projects or have a proof of concept to use DevOps techniques.
In fact, at 41%, more healthcare organizations have moved out of the proof-of-concept stage than other sectors such as financial services and government, at 36%.

When it comes to automation, the report found that the healthcare sector is adopting automation across the database development process more than other industries. The majority are managing to do so while remaining compliant, or so they say—58% of respondents claim they have version control measures for database code in place. The primary motivations to automate database delivery had to do with efficiency and risk reduction, with 27% wanting to free developer time, 22% wanting speed of delivery and 12% wanting to reduce data loss risk.